Friday, May 15, 2009

SR May 16th 7 - 10 pm

Hello All,
As it turns out my roommate Erin McSorely will be able to host this weekend's Sewing Rebellion.Frau Fiber just sent in a pattern and example for making a skirt from a table cloth.So bring along a table cloth and velcro or a zipper. Also Erin may be facilitating a project incorporating Food Not Bombs silk screen patches. Sorry for the confusion of venues.Tell your friends to stop shopping and start sewing!
peace rob

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Next SR is May 2nd!

Howdy all of you radical stitchers, knitters, and think outside of the boxers,

The next Rebellion is Saturday May 2nd at 7:30 – 10pm at Deb Serdy’s house. (Notice the later start time for this gathering). 423 North Cherry St. Lancaster, PA 17602

Frau Fiber has sent us some nice tutorials such as sewing machine rolled hem, penny pinching change purse, and East German Shopping bag. We have patches to hand out when you complete each skill!

For anybody who is interested Deb will show you how to make your own napkins using the rolled hem method. Bring fabric and a sewing machine if you are interested.

If you have any projects you would like to share and teach, or a cause you want the SR to sew for, please bring it up in a meeting or an email.

We are also looking for folks who can also host Rebellions at their house or who might know of a place we can use.
We would also love to have folks take pictures to post to the Lancaster Sewing Rebellion blog. To continue and grow we need your help!!!!!

Love, Deb S., Rob S., and Frau Fiber
Stop shopping and start sewing!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Next SR Saturday April 18th!

Sewing Rebellion at Deb Serdy's House

April 18th from 7pm ish to 10 pm ish

423 North Cherry St.

Lancaster, PA 17602

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4/4 Visit from Frau Fiber

Saturday was a bustling night with 18 folks of all ages and skills. Frau Fiber attended and brought an East German Shopping Bag sample and pattern. As a thank you for her teaching, Abi and Molly presented Frau with a hand sewn stuffed animal that looked like a baby rat boar and a Forever Fun Friends screen printed pillow case. There was plenty of mending. Debby Spence, a local dress maker helped Mel, Mary, and Susan work on dresses. Photos coming...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 21st recap:

The meeting was fun and we had 3 new people. We had 8 people. I had to kick them out at 10! (just kidding). -Deb

Konstantin’s machine mend, underside with vintage flannel

Grace and Karina show off their projects; a skirt with homemade pattern using vintage 7-11 fabric, and a quick and easy tote bag using magazines as the pattern.

David tappers his trousers scored from a thrift shop

SR loves knitters too! Doreen knitting a scarf.

Nick sews on his SR patch

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NEXT: Sat Feb 21st 7-10pm @ Deb's Place

The next meeting is going to be on Saturday February Twenty First from Seven O' clock until Ten O' clock in the evening at Deb Serdy's residence. The address is Four Twenty Three North Cherry Street. Feel free to bring some friends and somethings to mend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lancaster's First Rebel Rally

Thanks to all who attended the inaugural meeting of Lancaster's first SEWING REBELLION! We had 17 people in attendance. The official project sent out by Frau Fiber was threading a needle and sewing a button. This was successfully completed by many, most notably Blad a first time stitcher! Other projects that were worked on included mending the crotch part of pants (very difficult), creating aprons, tailoring a top and coat, creating flags, and much more.

Abi and Molly help organize fabric drawer.

Button Merit Badge